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Eric has represented numerous clients in asserting their rights surrounding construction contracts and mechanic's liens. He can provide advice and counsel and handle litigation for both property owners and contractors where there are disputes regarding construction.

Advice Regarding Your Rights
There are numerous issues that can arise during construction on a property. Additional protections exist for homeowners, accompanied by significant further requirements on contractors working on resdiential property, and there are many issues to consider to protect all parties to a construction contract throughout its establishment and execution. Eric can consult with both contractors and property owners before and during construction to assist in ensuring all protections and preventing the need for liens and disputes regarding the contract.

Assistance in Perfecting a Lien/Foreclosing on a Lien/Defending Against a Lien Foreclosure
Mechanic’s Liens on property are controlled by statute and require assiduous attention to the details of the lien. Failing to carefully conform to deadlines related to notices and recordings can quickly lead to defeat of any claim surrounding the lien, and failure to provide proper protections to homeowners when working on residential property may lead to invalidation of any lien. Whether you are claiming the right to a lien for work you’ve done or seeking to defeat a lien that was improperly placed on your property, Eric has the experience and knowledge to work for you.

Eric has a great deal of appellate experience and a solid understanding of construction law and and liens that allow him to provide the assistance you may need in any appeal in this area. For further information regarding Eric's appellate experience, please click here.

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