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Counseling businesses (especially small to mid-sized businesses) is a large part of Eric’s practice. His best and most valued clients have a personal relationship with Eric that allows him to carefully evaluate their legal questions in light of the far more important day-to-day realities of their business. Those clients are in the business of running their businesses, they don't make their money by working on their legal problems. Eric prides himself on his ability to help his clients consider their legal questions in light of the “bigger picture,” advising and counseling on the effect legal issues will have on their bottom lines. He can provide a broad range of counsel to your business and will be happy to discuss the best way he can fit with your business goals.

Non-Competition Agreements
Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements have quickly become one of the most significant questions facing businesses - both in effectively using such agreements to protect their hard-earned business and properly handling valuable new employees who may be subject to such agreements from previous employers. Eric has had the opportunity to work on such agreements and can provide the advice you need when considering their use or impact on your business.

Contract Drafting
Eric’s entire early career and a significant portion of his later career was focused in large part on litigation - the disputes that arise, for instance, when one party believes they do not have an obligation under a contract that the other party thought they had clearly imposed. While no contract has ever been perfect, Eric’s litigation perspective, coupled with everything he has learned about creation of solid contracts, gives him a unique ability to work with you to create contracts that accomplish your goals.

Contract Review
Parties often believe that a contract provides what they want it to provide, and no more. Unfortunately, the enormous volume of litigation surrounding contracts demonstrates that this is not always the case. Eric has the perspective to help you evaluate the contracts you currently use or the contracts into which you intend to enter to help you find potential issues and to better protect your business.

“General Counsel” Services
As part of his effort to stay in touch with your business needs, Eric will be happy to serve as a “general counsel” to your company, ready to pick up the phone or receive an email on issues from small to large and provide the legal perspective you may need. Eric is happy to work out an agreement to provide this type of representation that will best fit with your business’s needs.

Attention to Changing Legal Issues
Eric always spends time keeping abreast of changes in the law, new cases that apply to the work he does, and possible changes in the law that may affect his clients. He is happy to work to keep his ongoing business clients informed of potential changes that may affect their business, whether that will be a beneficial change or a potential problem.

Mechanic’s Lien Issues
Mechanic’s Liens on property are controlled by statute and require assiduous attention to the details of the lien. Whether you are claiming the right to a lien for work you’ve done or seeking to defeat a lien that was improperly placed on your property, Eric has the experience and knowledge to work for you. For more information, click here for a more detailed discussion of the Firm’s practice in this regard.

Closing/Selling/Wrapping Up
It is sometimes necessary to work to close a business - sometimes under happy circumstances like a sale before retirement, sometimes under less favorable circumstances. Whatever the reason, you need representation to assist you in the process, and Eric has the experience to shepherd you through the closing, selling, or wrapping up of your business.

Intellectual Property
Ownership of intellectual property is often one of the most valuable of business assets. Eric can assist you in defending your rights in intellectual property like trademarks and copyrights, and he has trusted contacts who can help you with any intellectual property issues that may require different skills, such as patent work.

As a long-time litigator, Eric can provide you the advice and counsel you need to determine whether entering into litigation is likely to provide any significant benefit to your business. Eric can help you to consider the principles involved, the effect that litigation may have on your business, and the benefits and drawbacks to litigating a dispute. Please click here for more information on business litigation.

Real Estate Disputes
As set out in another page on this site, Eric has a wealth of experience and knowledge related to questions regarding real estate, from ownership issues to contract disputes to Landlord and Tenant issues (from both sides). He will be happy to advise you in all such issues. Please click here for further information.

Like litigation at the trial court level, considering whether to appeal an unfavorable decision can have far-reaching effects on your business. With his wealth of appellate experience, Eric has the knowledge to provide you comprehensive advice regarding the feasibility and desirability of appealing a trial court’s order. Please click here to learn more about Eric’s experience in appellate work.

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