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Eric has obtained a wealth of experience handling complex negotiations, mediations/arbitrations, and litigation surrounding disputes involving real estate. While representing business clients and individuals insured by title insurers, Eric has worked out some of the most complicated questions surrounding real estate.

Title Disputes
Eric will be happy to assist you in resolving any questions regarding your possession of good title in a property and will help you to find out if you have title insurance that may help pay for the resolution of such problems.

Adverse Possession
Questions of adverse possession of a property - i.e., one party taking ownership by exercising dominion and control over a piece of property for a specified time period - are notoriously complicated and require a great deal of knowledge. Eric will be happy to discuss whether you have a viable adverse possession claim or a defense to another party’s claim on your property.

Boundary Disputes
Similar to adverse possession but different in many regards, boundary disputes can involve questions of ownership that take parties through decades of property records. Eric has successfully worked through such matters and will be happy to help you achieve an efficient resolution of your issue.

Realty Contract Disputes
Whether you are a realtor, a buyer, or a seller, questions can arise around the interpretation of contracts involved in the process, including the brokerage agreement, an offer to purchase, and an acceptance of an offer. Eric can provide an experienced viewpoint to resolve any such questions.

Lien Priority Disputes and Clearing Liens
Eric has worked on numerous cases to establish the rightful position of lienholders on properties and the right of a lienholder to maintain a lien claim. He can provide significant assistance with the unique questions such cases present.

Clearing Liens and Claims
Occasionally, a party continues to hold a nominal interest in a property, whether by accident or design, well after that property should have been cleared of those claims. Eric can help you clear those claims.

Mechanic’s Lien Litigation
Mechanic’s Liens on property are controlled by statute and require assiduous attention to the details of the lien. Whether you are claiming the right to a lien for work you’ve done or seeking to defeat a lien that was improperly placed on your property, Eric has the experience and knowledge to work for you. For more information, click here for a more detailed discussion of the Firm’s practice in this regard.

Landlord/Tenant Work
Whether you are a model tenant whose landlord is acting improperly under the lease or a hard-working landlord whose tenants are not meeting their obligations, Eric can help you enforce your legal rights. Having helped to develop an ordinance controlling landlord/tenant relationships while still in law school and having obtained a wealth of experience representing parties on both sides since, Eric can help you.

Eric is well-equipped to assist you in any appellate work. The knowledge he has gained in areas of the law directly related to real estate provides even greater ability in appeals in this area. Please click here to learn more about Eric’s experience in appellate work.

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