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Eric has a wealth of experience guiding his clients through business disputes that reach the litigation stage. He understands completely that a business has many goals to consider when taking any action, including financial, strategic, and reputation concerns, and that lengthy court proceedings are not always the most beneficial way to meet those goals. Eric strives to work with clients to consider the best possible path to resolve legal issues with all of a business's goals in mind.

Contract Disputes
Eric has litigated numerous contract disputes through every stage of litigation. Where appropriate, he has worked with clients and opponents to reach a compromise solution to such matters as quickly as possible, through simple negotiation or by utilizing dispute resolution (such as mediation or arbitration); where necessary, he has shepherded clients' matters in the court system through trial and appeal. He will be happy to assist you in finding the best way to resolve your business's disputes.

Non-Competition Agreement Litigation
Non-competition and non-solicitation agreement disputes share a number of unique challenges that do not arise in most other types of business litigation. Eric has engaged in the fast-paced litigation often required to defend against or enforce these types of agreements and will be happy to discuss whether he can assist you.

Intellectual Property Disputes
Eric understands the value of owning intellectual property and has assisted clients in defending against efforts by other businesses to take that value for themselves. In addition, the Firm has contacts with attorneys who practice in all areas of intellectual property (including patents), and Eric will be happy to bring them in to assist where appropriate.

Though we have many fine judges in Illinois, they cannot be correct every time, and the law is sometimes subject to change. If your business finds itself on the wrong side of a trial court judgment, Eric can help you determine if you have grounds for appeal and shepherd the case through the appellate courts. If another party appeals a judgment in your favor, he can assist you in defending the appeal. As set forth in another area of the site, Eric has a great deal of appellate experience. Please click here for more information.

Real Estate Disputes, including Landlord/Tenant
Eric has engaged in a multitude of litigation surrounding real estate disputes. For more information on this area, please click here.

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