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Eric has obtained a wealth of experience related to appeals throughout his career. Working as an “elbow clerk”* to an Illinois Appellate Court judge for two years, Eric was provided a rare opportunity to see how appeals are really decided and to obtain a further education in the appeal process. At every position Eric has held since, he has worked on appeals, either on his own or with other attorneys, handling appeals through every stage of the process, including oral arguments. He especially enjoyed an oral argument in front of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Eric will be happy to consult with you regarding an appeal of any case, civil or criminal. The difference between the two is described further below.

*Nicknamed an “elbow clerk” because the clerk works directly with the judge, almost directly “at his elbow,” though Eric really did have a separate office down the hall, next to the second clerk who worked with the judge.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you consult regarding an appeal as quickly as possible after a judgment is entered – there are short deadlines that you must meet to perfect an appeal. Missing many of these deadlines can strip you of your appellate rights, and you do not want to lose before you start.

Civil Appeals
These are appeals of all of the “money damage” or “property” kinds of judgment – basically, anything that isn’t “criminal” in nature. If you believe a judge has ruled incorrectly based on the facts or law in any type of civil case – a business or contract dispute, family law, personal injury, real estate, or similar, Eric will be happy to discuss whether an appeal would be right for you.

Criminal Appeals
These are appeals of any kind of judgment against you for a criminal charge, from a traffic ticket to a felony. If you believe that you were incorrectly convicted, Eric will be happy to review the case to consider whether he can help you with an appeal.

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