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The greatest share of Eric's practice in his first decade and a half were dedicated to different stages and types of civil litigation. If you have a matter that requires court proceedings to work it out, Eric will be happy to help you find the most cost-effective and reasonable way to resolve the matter.

Small Claims
In Illinois, cases in which a party is seeking less than $10,000 in money damages are handled in the small claims divisions of the courts, a somewhat less formal and significantly faster process. If you need to seek compensation in a small claims court or have had a small claims suit filed against you, Eric will be happy to speak to you and determine the best way he may help you with the matter. As it is sometimes not cost-effective to pay for an attorney to handle an entire small claims case - and the small claims procedure is meant to allow individuals to handle the case themselves - we may even determine that simply contracting with Eric to provide some advice to get you started or send your preparation in the right direction may be the most effective way to handle the matter.

If someone has filed suit against you, Eric will be happy to talk to you about the assistance he may provide in defending against the lawsuit. He will also be happy to consult with you to determine whether you may be able to turn over certain claims to be defended under insurance policies you may have.

Insurance Claims
Eric has worked extensively in the area of insurance law, seeking compensation for clients under insurance policies, defending parties pursuant to insurance policies, and litigating issues of coverage under policies. He can provide assistance with your claims related to insurance and will be happy to discuss how he may assist you in obtaining the coverage you have contracted for with your insurers. 

Eric has a great deal of experience related to landlord and tenant law and will be happy to discuss any issues with you. For additional information regarding Eric's experience related to landlord/tenant law, please see the related section of the Real Estate section of this site. 

Eric will be happy to assist you with all of your appellate needs. Please click here to learn more about Eric's abilities and experience related to appeals.

Real Estate
Eric has a great deal of experience surrounding real estate law. Please click here to learn more about this area of his practice.

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